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I have been going to Lifestyles for just over two years and have lost just under three stone in weight and don’t have to think about drinking WD40 anymore!!!!......

I know you are reading this thinking...’It’s another one of those testimonials’, I did, easily done in the ever increasing virtual world in which we live. I wanted people to know that this place is real and it does what it says on the tin. Yes it’s a gym, but it’s more than that. Having got to the point two years ago when I was contemplating drinking a pint of WD40 to unblock my joints, I thought, ‘I have to do something about this’. Having been a keen rugby player and swimmer in my youth and having worked in jobs where an element of fitness was necessary I knew in my heart of hearts that the way I was feeling was not right. I went to Lifestyles and was introduced to Mark, a walking Wikipedia of knowledge on muscular interaction in the body and exercise routines, both cardio-vascular and weight training. The team, led by Lisa are always very friendly, welcoming, really listen and most of all are incredibly knowledgeable helping to make the whole experience of fitness more logical, interesting and fun. This is not (excuse the pun) a cheeky ‘Baywatch bum’ sort of gym, having said this there are and it caters for some seriously fit people, but it also has lots of people at all different stages of fitness and reasons for why they go there; stroke victims, special needs people, overweight, underweight, you name it, but you know what? It doesn’t matter because everyone is of the mindset that; ‘Hey everyone is having a go’ and that’s all that does matter. I am not and never have been a Baywatch physique, more of a Brighton carthorse, but I’ll tell you what I’m a much fitter carthorse than I was!I have been going to Lifestyles for just over two years and have lost just under three stone in weight and don’t have to think about drinking WD40 anymore. By coming on to this web site and by reading these testimonials you have done the hardest part.... getting your head into the ‘zone’, come to this gym and they will make the rest of the journey a lot easier!

Nick Patrick

Balance, stability and core strength

Before I started the Gold Programme, I genuinely thought that I was fit and that my body was strong. I had a recent shoulder injury (dislocation) and an old knee injury (dislocation) but apart from that, everything else felt fine. When I came to the assessment, Lisa gave me a series of tests, exercises and stretches to do. This is when I realised that my body was actually quite weak in some aspects and that there was room for improvement. Lisa gave me a score for each test and we concluded that my balance, stability and core strength were poor and that my overall body strength needed to be worked on. Lisa then wrote me an eight week day-by-day fitness programme, which consisted of exercises that worked one everything you could imagine of; they included stability, flexibility, speed mechanics, speed endurance, agility mechanics, strength/weights, shoulder rehab and prehab. The idea/aim was to work on each one on different nights and then gradually build up the reps and sets of each one, and by the time the programme had finished, I should be scoring higher in assessment. Throughout the eight weeks, I had several programme checks with Lisa and we discussed what was going well and if there was anything that I wasn’t happy with. She was very supportive and professional and constantly giving me feedback on how to improve each exercise to get a better outcome. At the end of the programme, I came back to the gym and redid all the tests, exercises and stretches that I did at the beginning. There was a massive improvement in the results and a definite positive change in my fitness and strength. My stability had improved significantly and my balance was slightly better, but still needed more work. After completing the programme, I feel a lot fitter and stronger, my stamina is a lot higher and I feel healthier. My shoulder feels a lot more comfortable and normal compared to before and the rehab definitely helped rebuild the muscles and make them grow. I would recommend the Gold Programme to anyone who wants to improve their health, fitness and physical strength and to anyone who just generally wants to be pushed to the limit!


Gold Programme

When John Peel told me that he was approached by Lifestyles Gym about the Gold Programme and that he had nominated Conner, I was please for Conner but wasn’t sure what it involved. Then, having seen the assessment, and the programme Conner was issued, and then carried out, I was very impressed with the professionalism and the results, especially with the rehab/improvement of his injuries, which I think will give Conner more confidence going back into rugby. I am also pleased with the end result, Conner being stronger and fitter (although I wish he could put a bit more weight on). I would like to say thank you to Lisa for all her help, support and encouragement and also to Conner for his commitment to the programme; I am proud of his efforts. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to improve their health, fitness, old injuries and general well being. I might do it myself one day!


Tone up and get a little fitter

My friend Davina and I decided we needed to tone up and get a little fitter but we realised that neither of us had the motivation to make sure we exercised regularly and put in the right amount of effort to make a difference. So we called on Lisa! Lisa has been brilliant; patient but firm with us and very encouraging. Davina and I are both in our mid sixties and thanks to Lisa feeling fitter and healthier than we have done for years. Roll on the seventies, with Lisa’s help we’ll be fit and fabulous!!!

Davina & Celia

Shin splints

I finished the marathon in 5:23:19 on Sunday, 13 minutes under my target finish time. Thank you so much for all your support and help getting me to the start line! Oh and….I didn’t have ANY pain in my shins at all during the marathon or after. I started training for the 2013 London Marathon in November last year. I gradually built up my training, as I suffer from shin splints and wanted to be careful not to trigger them, unfortunately by January my shin splints returned with a vengeance and I thought I would have to miss out on the marathon. A friend recommended some personal training sessions with Mark, to help improve my fitness and work on the problem areas, namely my terrible shins! The first session I had with Mark, I had a thorough fitness analysis, and Mark checked my gait, hip alignment, and checked my feet and ankles for stability, mobility and flexibility, to check for the possible root causes of my shin splints. Mark did some mobilising exercises and released the tendon underneath my foot (not nearly as bad as that may sound)! to help with my mobility. This made a big difference to my running technique and made running much more comfortable from the offset. In my second session Mark gave me a set of 4 very simple, easy to do mobility and stretching exercises to do everyday to help strengthen and mobilise my calves, ankles, feet and hips to help prevent my shin splints. These were easy to remember, and took minutes to do, so were easy to keep up. At each subsequent session we reviewed the progress of my shin recovery, and altered exercises according to how my shins were reacting to the treatment. I found my running improved and my shin splints were becoming less frequent. By the time the marathon came round and I had had a few more sessions targeting mobility and flexibility in my lower legs, and also my hip flexors as I had a bit of a niggle. My sessions with Mark gave me confidence that my shin splints weren’t going to flare up, and I successfully completed the marathon with no shin pain at all!

Fiona Cobb

Reached my weight loss goal

Lisa is an excellent Personal Trainer. She has enabled me to lose 2.5 stone and reach a level of fitness I never imagined possible for me. Having reached my weight loss goal she then encouraged me to maintain this and increase my fitness by introducing me to running. I hated sport at school, but now, in my late 50s, with Lisa’s encouragement I have run three half marathons and numerous 10k runs and I am loving it!

Gill Tyson

Parkinson’s disease at the age of 48years

Having never set foot in a gym before, I arrived at Lifestyles Gym to be met by Lisa in October 2011. I was newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 48years, feeling shocked, angry and afraid of the future. Lisa scooped me up and motivated me to exercise on some days when I’d rather do anything but. Her support has been fantastic and she views supporting someone as not just helping them to get physically fit, but by also being an impartial person to talk to and on the odd occasion to cry with. Lisa is very much part of my support network and I value our friendship as well as her expertise and professionalism. I cannot recommend Lisa and the gym highly enough.

Gillian Murray

Pain in the sides of my lower legs when I walk briskly

For as long as I can remember I have suffered with pain in the sides of my lower legs when I walk briskly or run and this has hindered any attempts I have made in the past at taking exercise or getting fit. With just a single session, Lisa was able to assess the problem, which actually all stems from my feet and way I walk, and was able to completely alleviate all pain over the course of a few sessions. I could not believe it, for the first time in my adult life I was completely pain free. I have to admit I was initially sceptical that after a lifetime of bad walking habits it would be possible to sustain a difference but by following 3 very simple, short exercises daily I can honestly say I have not felt any pain at all. I can’t thank Lisa enough, the work she does is truly amazing, we are now working together to improve my fitness!

Lisa Woods

Ankle arthroscopy

I was invited to work with Lisa after an ankle arthroscopy in February of this year followed by physiotherapy. Our aim was to increase the range of movement in my left ankle. Severe osteoarthritis had set in since I broke it eight years ago. We worked together once a week – for between an hour to an hour and a half. Lisa would begin with massage and manipulation, easing the ankle and foot joints, before working through my existing range of movement and then pushing the extremities for more. Lisa never ever forced movement, but directed me to use the whole body to extend the range in my ankle. We had some amazing break-throughs with plenty of clunks and clicks, which I found disconcerting but never painful. At the end of each session I would leave walking better than when I had arrived. Lisa, I am grateful to you, for your time, trouble and expertise. We have achieved an increase in my range of movement that I no longer thought was possible. You have changed the appearance of my ankle and lower left leg. It looks, and feels, more normal! Thank you!

Mary Small

Painful bunions

After awful post operation problems the treatment and exercises that Lisa gave me helped me to get, not only back to normal, but better than normal. We then moved on to my problem feet: I had extremely painful bunions but again with treatment and exercises I am 99% pain free and the shape of my feet has improved thus preventing a bunion operation. I can also wear shoes that thought they had been forgotten and left in the cupboard forever.


Designed gym plan

I am now in my late thirties and have finished playing a number of competitive local sports such as rugby, cricket, football etc. and due to family commitments had stopped training as vigorously as I once did. I joined Lifestyles Gym due to its convenient location at Howbery Park. I initially joined the gym, to carry out my routine gym sessions, I subsequently decided to have a gym plan designed. The plan has helped improve my fitness, by improving my old monotonous training regime, no longer do I turn up and spend 10 minutes on the bike or treadmill, following weight training. I now have a varied and challenging gym plan that keeps me motivated and sets realistic, attainable goals. For a number of years I have suffered with tight muscles and niggling body pains. Lisa Letchford has shown me new alternative stretches that have helped improve my posture and improve my mobility, I now realise the importance of stretching and posture. My new gym plan sets aside time for stretching and consequently many of my muscular aches and pains have improved significantly. Lisa, Lisa and Mark are always close by to offer words of friendly encouragement and to keep me motivated. I would highly recommend Lifestyles Gym for its professional friendly staff, excellent training plans and good gym equipment

Michael Slade

Heart failure and shingles after chemotherapy for Leukaemia

I worked with Lisa to get back into shape following heart failure and shingles after chemotherapy for Leukaemia. I had previously undergone physiotherapy to help build up the basic structural muscles. Following this I worked with Lisa at Lifestyles Gym for six months to get back into shape. Lisa devised some specific exercises and developed a programme for me – she certainly knows her stuff as my aches, pains and problems were quickly addressed and overcome. I am now back to a good level of fitness where I can go for a decent run, and enjoy playing sport with my family.

Name withheld

I was having trouble with my back and felt in pain most of the time

I would thoroughly recommend using Lifestyles Gym. I was recently treated by Lisa. I was having trouble with my back and felt in pain most of the time, I even found sleeping at night hard. I play hockey training twice a week and playing at the weekends. I also run three or four times a week. Lisa began by checking my balance and posture and then my gait using her ‘foot plate machine’. This is an amazing piece of technology that shows you how you are using your feet as you walk. Mine was pretty poor and Lisa set out to rectify it. She found my pelvis was out of line (not uncommon for hockey players) and gave me some exercises to try out ease it back in place. By the end of the session I couldn’t believe how much at ease my back felt. I could feel the difference in the way I walked and no longer felt the pain in my back. I can even sleep easier at night. The help doesn’t stop there, Lisa has given me exercises to help maintain my posture and will be reassessing me in the future. Lisa has given me exercises to help maintain my posture and will be reassessing me in the future. Lisa was very professional throughout with a calm and friendly nature. She had my best interest in mind and was not happy until she had resolved the problem.

Name withheld

Personal training sessions

In late 2011 we joined as a group of 4 for group personal training sessions, after deciding we’d like to get fit. The thought of joining yet another gym and just doing all the same boring routines that we would all give up in a month didn’t appeal, so although we are various shapes and sizes with different degrees of fitness Lisa L agreed she could train us all together, she just adapts the sessions to suit us all and it has definitely improved all our fitness levels-this is confirmed by our monthly fitness testing. The sessions are never the same from one week to the next, including cardio work, strength training, core work, although my personal favourite has to be the boxing sessions and if weather permits they are sometimes held outside which is always great fun. The sessions are tough, but they are also varied, highly effective and above all else fun. Lisa is firm but fair, she always gets the best out of you, pushing you that little bit harder than you would yourself. If like me you’ve tried gyms before and been intimidated by the surroundings and feeling like you don’t really know what you should be doing try a session with Lisa L at Lifestyles, she has a wealth of knowledge about training and fitness and will work with you to work something out that will work for you.

Name withheld

Back and joint problems

Just like to share something with all of you. I have had many back and joint problems for many years until I found the combination of my wonder chiropractor, Rebecca and the amazing Lisa’s. But recently I began having really serious problems again. Oh no – here we go again, I thought, see, nothing works!!! (big doom and gloom!) And then I had to have a big talk with myself and realised that I have been just a bit lax in the gym department, so I booked a session with Lisa. Within 45 minutes of A.I.M. therapy with her, I had loosened up, was walking straighter and able to walk down the stairs unaided!!! Amazing! Thank you Lisa – you are a star xxxerformance Enhancement

Name withheld

Getting pain after athletic competitions

Lisa worked with my 10 year old son, and he’s no longer getting pain after athletic competitions, and has just won a county competition, plus got four new personal bests, one in each event which he competed in. Thanks Lisa, and looking forward to finding many further gains!

Name withheld

Build the core and upper body strength I need for pole fitness

Mark Thouless has been a great help in devising a workout that has helped me shift nearly half a stone, and build the core and upper body strength I need for pole fitness. Thanks Mark

Name withheld

Severe clinical depression

When I first met Lisa I was in the dark depths of severe clinical depression. I was on a mountain of medication and it took all my energy to get out of bed and face yet another day. I was young, previously fit and full of energy, but all of a sudden I didn’t recognise myself. I started sessions with Lisa to try and prove to myself that I was still alive, could still function and might even get better. Some weeks it felt like I was carrying a huge rucksack of rocks on my back as I plodded on the treadmill. Other weeks it felt slightly lighter only to feel even more heavy the next. Lisa seemed to know which kind of week it was better than I did and pushed me just enough so that I felt I had achieve something without being totally exhausted. I am happy to say that those dark days are in the past. My recovery has been due to several factors, but I am in no doubt that a personalised exercise plan and the support Lisa provided helped enormously in quite literally, giving me my life back.

Name withheld

Movement therapy

Movement therapy worked for me – I have new Achilles and calves! Amazing stuff, thank you xx

Rosie Miles

Prolapsed disc injury

I found out about Lifestyles through a chance meeting with a former rehab patient of hers, and lost not time in requesting a referral to Lisa through my GP. It was the best thing I ever did. After three episodes of prolapsed disc injury I had finally found someone who understood how to mobilise and then strengthen my lower back. It wasn’t a “quick fix” but with Lisa’s expertise in creating a programme that was right for me and her continued interest and encouragement I am confident that I can maintain my now pain free back.



Since my life was ripped in half by a sudden and inexplicable stroke in 2000, I’ve worked with a number of trainers in various gyms. What makes Lisa different is that she is really attentive to my changing needs. She watches, listens and is very focussed on what works for me and what doesn’t. She is constantly pushing for improvement but is always fun. My Friday afternoons with her are a highlight of my week.

Name withheld

You must get yourself to Lifestyles Gym!