Therapy Work with Lisa Treacher

Therapy Work with Lisa Treacher

What do I do: I work with the mind, body and soul.
Most people have heard the terms energy healing, healing hands, Reiki, hands on / off treatment usually followed with the explanation of – ‘they don’t do a lot but I come out feeling great’ sort of work. Well this is a small part of what I do along with many other disciplines such as Personal Training, Rehabilitation, muscle balancing, joint realignment (no crunching or wrenching you though), trapped emotions, visualisation, muscle testing, Voila method, AiM, respiratory breathing and loads more.

There is rarely a one way fits all kind of treatment so I use many of the tools in my tool box to steadily work through layers of problems that may have accumulated over many years.

For example – A client may come to me with shoulder pain and a stiff neck that is tight particularly on one side. They may have one shoulder higher than the other (to try to stop the tightness but it will exaggerate it over time), she may be rounded through the shoulders (protective position), she may turn her upper body instead of just the head to look to the side that is tight and all this has a knock-on effect throughout the body as everything is connected.

Our bodies work like a cog system. Imagine one cog turning one way influencing the next and so on. Well if one clog is tight or blocked then the next cog down tries to work hard for the one that is stuck, then the next one in the chain must work even harder as it’s now compensating for two tight cogs and so on. So, the pain that is showing in the neck may come from the pelvis or even the foot!!

The client may have seen other professionals who have given them treatments for the injured area, they may be referred for injections, sent to the pain clinic to learn to manage the pain or they may get regularly massaged and the pain may go for a day or two but it usually comes back.

I look at every joint and the job it is doing or invariably not doing and I look to re-introduce the movement required to run all the cogs smoothly again. Working in this way usually brings the emotions to the fore as memories tend to flood back as the body releases itself from weeks, months and often years of build-up of ‘stuff’ – very much a technical term!

I can usually tell within a few minutes whether I can help you or whether I need to pass you on to another therapist with a different skill set to me. If I can help you then I’ll take a full medical history from you. At this point most people hide any emotions relating to their history but again I tend to know when things run deep. If I find things run deep and question you further and you don’t shy away from the questions then I will usually ask to start the first treatment session with some energy healing so I can get an overall ‘fee’ of what needs to be worked on. Your sub-conscious body will tell me a lot of what I need to know then we can get down to the nitty gritty of sorting you out.

As I work through balancing your body using energy work and gentle movement exercises I will know if there are emotions attached to any movement and with your permission we will explore all this and work to eliminate the emotion attached to the feeling or movement.

This means stepping outside your comfort zone., but you will be in a very safe environment and nothing will be asked of you that you really believe you can’t do. As you take small steps out of your comfort zone you will find that your comfort zone grows along with your belief of getting better, reduced pain, feeling more empowered, improved posture, feeling freer in your body, improved movement, greater confidence and much more.

I am always amazed at where people start off and where they get to. Your journey of self-discovery is amazing, sometimes mind blowing and the sense of ‘I am doing this and getting well again’ is a pleasure to share with all my clients.

If you feel I can help you then please do get in touch – but be warned – you do need to be brave - it’s a very windy path of self-discovery, facing issues that you may have supressed / repressed for a period of time, fun, enlightenment, realisation and many ‘lightbulb’ moments.

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Published: Monday, October 16, 2017