David Brown will be coming over to host a mindful meditation morning

David Brown will be coming over to host a mindful meditation morning

Saturday 28th October 2017 10am - 1pm.

I truly can not recommend him enough and for him to come over from Cambridgeshire to run this workshop for anyone who is interested in improving themselves and wanting to explore mindful meditation with movement is a real blessing.

Who is David?

I have spoken to David for over two years on a fortnightly basis and he has helped turn my life around in how I think, how I train, how I run my business and how I explore my emotions. David is my Life Coach but in reality he is SO much more.

David Brown has a very personal relationship to relaxation, awareness and movement. Struggling with anxiety and stress as a young man, David decided to explore how to overcome these limitations so that he could live more freely, enjoy life more fully and be confident in his own skin. Martial arts, meditation, dance, life- coaching, music, out- door pursuits, writing, science, self- development and philosophy have all contributed to David's extensive experience in helping himself and others to achieve greater confidence, relaxation and awareness.

How will the workshop help?

  • Would you like greater confidence?
  • Are you getting to your wit's end & want to feel more relaxed?
  • Would learning some tools to manage stress and tension in your daily life be useful?
  • Do you feel tired and lacking in vitality and finding it difficult to recharge your batteries?
  • Would you like to take some gentle exercise to help relax and release every day tension?
    if the answer is YES to just one of these questions then take time for yourself and come to this 3 hour workshop which will introduce concepts of mindfulness, relaxation, meditation and awareness in movement.

Anything else? - yes -

Breathing exercises- we rarely take a full, deep calm breath in this hectic and stressful world. Tension in the body and the need to focus our attention on the external world means that we do not breath with ease and therefore lose the benefit of power, relaxation, presence and confidence that comes with full breath.

Awareness exercises- are you aware of how you respond to situations in your life? Do you notice the affect you have on the people around you at work and in your private life? Do you consider the impact this has on your health and well- being? Becoming more mindful of these things means you can have a more powerful positive impact on your personal and professional relationships, which will improve your confidence and well- being.

Movement exercises- we do not think about the way we move, yet the way we interact with people is first and foremost with our body. How do you communicate non- verbally? What impact does that have on others? How is your body language affecting you and your mindset? Becoming more aware of the way you stand, move and hold yourself is essential for greater confidence, relaxation and presence.

To find out more and secure a space please click on this link

If you would like further details, you can contact David on  07980 204946 

I hope to see you there!!!



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Published: Monday, October 23, 2017