Lifestyles Centre in Oxfordshire

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The Lifestyles Team

The Lifestyles Centre opened  in June 2011 it is a unique environment for enhancing health, energy and performance. Located in the beautiful South Oxfordshire surroundings of Howbery Park on the bank of the River Thames. The park offers free parking, an excellent Restaurant & Coffee Lounge.

‘To be the best’
“to constantly strive to stay at the top of our game requires forever evolving goals and objectives."

Our philosophy is ‘to be the best’. They say “to constantly strive to stay at the top of our game requires forever evolving goals and objectives". This strong belief is carried through all areas of our life and is shared with every client we work with.

We have an immense amount of passion about what they have created at Lifestyles. We hold our clients well-being at the centre of every thought, every decision and every action. Our motto: Move Better = Feel Better = Be Better stems from our background in movement therapy, which is based on the premise that the body has a perfect centre where tension throughout the body is optimal. In this place there is exact joint alignment, resulting in no pain, increased performance and decrease chance of injury.

By coming to Lifestyles Centre whether it is for Rehab, the Gym or for Performance enhancement our motto applies to every element and to every client. By enabling somebody to move better they will leave feeling better and ultimately it will lead them to being better in every aspect of their life.

Move better = Feel Better = Be Better

Lifestyles is a friendly sociable place. Fundraising and social events are a key part of making everyone feel welcome. Every year they hold an annual Rowing Challenge set up in Wallingford Town Centre, this has proven in the past to be an extremely successful event and directly engages with the local community.