The Lifestyles Gym Wallingford

Our gym is a light, calm, clean and welcoming environment where anybody of any level fitness can come and train. Downstairs we have a range of equipment available including all your familiar cardio machines as well as a variety of resistance and weight pieces. 

Our unusual Gravity System offers a unique training experience for both cardio and resistance. Using a glide board, the pull of gravity and your body weight the exercises can be adjusted to any level of fitness from the totally deconditioned to the fitness fanatic regardless of age and experience. Upstairs is a large floor area perfect for using our full range of kettlebells, free weights, Suspension straps, resistance bands, foam rollers or simply for your post workout stretches.

To become a member of this dynamic community contact us to book an induction where you will be shown how to use all the equipment safely and correctly. You will be given a bespoke program tailored specifically to your goals, taking you out of your comfort zone but you will always be training with the knowledge and belief that these goals are attainable. Every 6-8 weeks you will be invited to have a re-assessment of your goals, and your training program ensuring you are still on target to achieve what you set out to, and if needed, to progress you further by setting new targets.

The Lifestyles Gym Wallingford

Our specially selected instructors are very approachable, always on hand to ensure good technique, and show you alternative exercises. If you have any worries, concerns or niggling pains please never be afraid to ask us questions. Our belief is ‘There is always room for improvement’ and we are here to help you.

If you feel you require a more personalised approach to your training, and greater motivation to help you achieve you goals then why not consider Personal Training with one of our amazing trainers


We have various membership plans that are great value for money. We can also offer packages for visitors and students please contact us to discuss these further.

INDUCTION: Whichever package you choose to go for you will be required to have an induction so we can see that you are competent in the use of our equipment. An induction is charged at £25. You may use this opportunity to ask the trainer to do you a bespoke program taking into account your goals.

Additional Options

We offer three specialist classes:

Do you feel that you need a helping hand in achieving your goals or need some motivational inspiration? Maybe you just get bored training on your own and want to find other exercises to keep you interested? By booking in with one of our highly qualified Personal Trainers it keeps your sessions new and exciting and helps you to push boundaries you didn’t think would move!

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